The Awards night comes in 35 days where we go with John Paterson wee pat to pick up his hard earned 2017 SMRC Scottish Legend car championship Along With Ivor Greenwood Mr Engine who tried so hard to to get 1st and pos 2nd but after all his hard work takes home a well earned 3rd place with david hunter earring his 2nd place what a season its been with colin and Michael staying in the top 10 its been very eventful year a great year The Burnettmotorsport race have been so busy but got some great results 

come join us for The Final Round 9 of The SMRC Scottish Championships and it looks like its down to the last round to find the winer plus 2nd and 3rd place along with rookie Championship what a weekend that will be 

after very eventful Round 7 At Knockhill its Round 8 hoping to move forward and get back on track but its all go for the race team of burnettmotorsport getting everything sorted from the last round if you'd like join us for some action packed Motorsport Let me know ill welcome you to knockhill and join our team for great weekend 

come join us burnettmotorsport Round 7 of The SMRC Championships sun the 20th August at KNOCHILL RACE TRACK


Come join Burnettmotorsport And New Collage Lanarkshire at 

the SEC from Friday till Sunday for very busy and great weekend 

SMRC Championships Round 7 Knockhill 20/8/2017 Reverse Direction come join us for some fun and great day out lots of championships and fun bring the kids and yourself for great day out 

SMRC Round 6 like to join us for more fun with all the SMRC Championships come meet the team join us for coffee or tea or just drink and chat 

if you like to try out Legend Race Car we have car 7from New Collage Lanarkshire Ready To come Out To Play

SMRC Round 5 come join burnettmotorsport for round 5 with #1 John Paterson #4 Colin McNeil #5 Michael Paxton #37 Ivor Greenwood send me e mail if you'd like free entry and hospitality the team would like you to join us 



The Burnettmotorsport race team have been busy with Jim Willy and boys and girls its all over for 2015 

making John Paterson wee pat the Scottish legend car champion car#1 and car #6 David Hunter 2nd with car #2 Steven McGill 3rd and the new collage Lanarkshire car #7 with Ross Marshall and Alan Freeman winning the team championship and Jim Willy and Dave along with Mandy and wee pat have finished with the last round of the nat legend car championship gaining lots more track time but thats it all done for 2015 

Jim and Willy and Dave are busy with car #3 John Paterson as they are getting ready for the last round of nat legend car championship at Brands Hatch on Nov 7th

the end of the Scottish legend car championship 

what a season its been for Jim/Willy and all the team at Burnettmotorsport 

Jim/Willy and the boys are busy at Burnettmotorsport getting car #3 ready for round 8/9 nat legend car championship at Anglesey in Holyhead north Wales for John Paterson after his last round in nat championship taking some large damage but getting happy with his car at Knockhill they will be of week on Thursday to try get some points back in his fight for championship its hard championship with all the top drivers on it and everyone else getting used to there cars and all getting much faster

then its right back and up to Knockhill for round 4 of the Scottish legend car championship on the 19th July 

Saturday 16th May Terry Grant Broke his car and needed it fixed so he come asked Steve team manger of burnettmotorsport if he could help so with help of willy from burnettmotorsport we set about sorting his broken car

burnettmotorsport_91 burnettmotorsport_96

Saturday and Sunday 16th&17th May

Knockhill the Colin McRae Rally Challenge Sponsored By Beatsons Building Supplies 

with burnettmotorsport ,there with den motorsport and his team 

looking after 

#6 Gorden Shedden Flash/Stuart Loudon

#15 Ross Marshall/Dave Robson

#20 John Marshall/Scott Crawford

#29 Barry McKenna/David Hunter

#30 Robert Marshall/Ken Bills

#31 John Paterson/Craig Wallace

what a great day everyone had and some great results in the class and overall with John Paterson having a top day with 4th overall and not sitting a rally for lots of years but out in his new for the 2nd time since it was built with ross out the rally early on due to slight hit on the front and loosing the oil pump belt casing him to break the eng and get dnf sat putting him disaointelyout rally but great results and what a couple days gorgen shedden had also what a couple days john marshall had with robert marshall having a fab day out and barry mckenna den motorsport what great weekend he had 

overall what a time barry-den motorsport had


Saturday 9th May 

Round 2 Knockhill Sunday 3rd May Jim and 

Saturday 25th April

Willy At croft with wee pat have been kept busy its been very eventful day with rain most of the day and finishing 3rd overall its get the sorted for Sunday and busy day again


Saturday 25th April Car #3 John Paterson at croft ready for busy and hopefully great weekend ill keep you posted 

Sunday 13th April Car #3 John Paterson 

john ,jim and the boys on there way after not a great weekend and it will be busy getting ready for round 4 and 5 at croft in 10 days time its all go for the team at burnettmotorsport 

Thursday 9th April  Car #3 Brands hatch Round 2

Jim and the boys busy after the 1st round off Scottish Championship getting pats car ready for brands off Friday morning to have great weekend looking for a great day yet again 

After his 1st round off the Scottish championship and at the top not so many cars out but still hard race meeting 

Saturday 28th March John Paterson  Car #3 Oulton Park

wee pat goes to oulton for his 1st time in legend car ever and out with 30 cars comes home happy with 3rd overall after a hard days racing 

Saturday 28th March John Paterson Car #3 Oulton Park


Friday 20th March 

Young Dave seat fitted helmet done harness sorted steering done car ready for dadto load on trailer sat morning to go test and race sat night so lets play dad and mum and have some fun 

#550 young dave strip it keep you posted


Thursday 19th March getting little dave stripits car set up and ready for sat night lochgelly HRP out in his new micra stock thanks to mum and dad

Thursday 17th March its busy at burnettmotorsport getting all sorted for john paterson #3 getting ready for oulton park and jim and the boys getting cars ready for 1st round at knockhill 5th April ill keep you posted on drivers out that weekend if you want to join us then just ask ill get you a treat getting in we are sorry to say the due to duncans back issue at mom we will not se him for some time 

2015 starts soon if you'd like to join us send e mail ill come back to you ,and if you would like to come work with us just ask



To come join the team for lunch on sunday and to meet the drivers to help them out a bit if you read this i would like some help from anyone out there so if you bring yourself your kids to burnettmotorsport team camp at knockhill and youd like to se your name on cars any car you pick then come done pick a hand sign it and lets get it on your fav car put a pound or more in the box to help the kids get a bit more in there life

burnettmotorsport_76 burnettmotorsport_78 burnettmotorsport_122