Frixa Brakes Development Programme

2011 Season - Frixa Brakes Development Programme


Fantastic news from Steve McCall to a well deserved Scottish Legend series Championship to Ross Marshall, driving with the new Frixa brakes package with many fastest laps and eventually claiming a glorious 2011 victory, picking up the Scottish Legend race series crown for Burnett Motorsport.

A big well done to Carol Brown for a great 2nd place and to Robbie Burgoyne for winning the rookie Championship! And John Marshall and Kieren Murray wining the team championship

Frixa would like to also relay their 'huge' thanks to John Marshall, David Hunter, Paul O'Brien, Scott Hynds, Guiseppe Palazzo, Chris Hynds, Jeff Pritchard, Kevin Kettlewell, Pat Hynds, Darren Galton, and a BIG thank you to John jon Higgins and Lee Fitzpatrick for all their help in bringing the new Frixa brake package to Legend racing, we couldn't of achieved our goal without you guys - THANK YOU !

Lets get busy for the 2012 season and put Frixa right at the top of all the Legend race series, we can't wait to see you all back in the National Championship once more.lets hope it happens?

Greg McLean from the huge Legends Racing series in Canada..

Derrick Hales from the ovals racing in the UK

Just a few extra names of great drivers that have chosen Frixa brakes that have given them 'the edge' over their competitors!

Lee Fitzpatrick report from Cadwell Park

It's been 9 months since I raced a Legend, when I left Burnett were working with Vic from Frixa on new brakes for Legends, we had made huge progress in the time that I was racing with Vic and Frixa. We had gone from a legends that did have quite significant braking issues, like pad rattle , brake fade, that's about as technical as I get I'm afraid, to a Legend that didn't have brake rattle and no brake fade.

Stevie and Vic had informed me on my return to racing that they had made further progress on the brakes since I left. They had worked on the pad materials and also made a shoe for the brakes in the Legend.

Well it was time to find out whether the brakes were any better, I know when I left the Brakes were much better, could they have made them even better. I must be honest all that went out my head as I headed out for the practice session; I was too excited to be racing again. Thinking back now, I was braking later at the heavy breaking points and later than some of the other competitors and the car felt solid, no movement and braked in a straight line, I didn't have to fight the car. Throughout the weekend I did manage to think about the brakes during the races and I was impressed, they had made progress, as I said earlier the car felt planted and stable under braking which made my job a lot easier and ultimately helped me win 2 races and set a new lap record.

So a job well done, thanks Guys!

Kevin Kettlewell:
The Frixa pads you supplied give a good and consistent feel every lap.The rear brakes are what i feel require to be better as the fronts are very easy to lock up if you try to push your braking point.The info you have supplied about the bedding in process was very informative and accurate.

Chris Hynds - Round 2 & 3 report:

After the first round I was sceptical weather or not the new pads had any more to give in terms of performance, however after using them in round 2 on Saturday it became apparent to me that these pads are the real deal. With a 9th a 5th and 6 laps running in third only to be pushed off I was delighted at how my brakes where allowing me to close in on the top 5 and stay there. Sunday was no different, in the first race I ran 2nd for 6 laps and was demoted to third 2 laps from the end, again its not by gaining straight-line speed that is allowing me to progress up the grid it is the work done in the breaking zone. Unfortunately I could not start races 2 or 3 due to a broken diff but I'm sure the brakes would have remained awesome. With the new raised kerbs at the circuit I was expecting some pad rattle but there was absolutely none due to the new pad being a perfect fit. Again I cant wait for these brakes to be developed even further with Frixa and Burnett's.

Chris Hynds - Brakes Report:
Round one, brake report The initial bedding in procedure was relatively straight forward. After completing the bedding in procedure the brakes really started to show what they could do. In practice the brakes where good but when used in the first race the really came into there own. They gave so much confidence to go much deeper into the corner. The brakes really allowed me to utilise my speed through the second sector and close in on many drivers, they also helped me catch up on some of the lost ground going into the hair pin and duffis due to a down on power engine. Over all the brakes were excellent and hopefully frixa and Burnett motorsport can continue to develop excellent race pedigree brakes.

Ross Marshall:

Vic Eacott from a brake company was introduced to me by my team manager, Steve McCall of Burnett Motorsport at Brands Hatch in July 2010.

We had a discussion about the brake pads on a legend car and how he could improve the safety and braking performance.

My first comment was, to stop brake rattle which all of the Legend drivers suffered from badly when running along and across the rumble strips throughout a race event.

So Vic took away a brake caliper and normal pad to inspect, his first comment was that the pad was incorrectly made to fit the Caliper bracket, That held the pad into the Caliper. Which made the pad rattle out of its seating and, the long pedal feel on the brake pedal when and its long and soft feel, until the pad relocates itself, which at times felt dangerous at high speed.

So when Vic returned at another race meeting, not only had he manufactured a pad that 'fits' but the team had a choice of brake pad compounds too, Soft, Medium and Hard.

This an option we had never been lucky to have before.

Steve McCall fitted for the first time, just to try the hard compound.

I felt this pad was good but too severe and caused the brakes to snatch the front wheels. So between the feedback from myself to Vic I decided to drop the compound down to the medium pad.

This pad was a slightly softer material which felt good, it felt fully controllable, allowed me brake and stop the car later than before and I had confidence in the brake being there when I needed it, and no feeling on the pedal of brake pad rattling out!

However Vic noticed the car is very unstable under heavy braking (a common Legends problem) so, he asked to see the rear shoe - as he thought they are not working anywhere near there full potential due to the hardness of the brake shoe lining and, a possible design fault in the pad friction materials.

2011 test day, My car now had been set up with the revised version of the hard pads on the front, before I struggled with this compound as it was snatching the front wheels, but Vic had also developed a rear shoe that should work even better than the original shoes that we all have been using.

When Vic and I had a chat about the bedding in of the shoes and the pads, it took a couple of patient laps to bed the pads in and back into the pits, to check the shoe temperatures.

Steve McCall, re adjusted the shoes as he said, he never adjusted them up fully, to allow the temperature to slowly build in the shoe linings and, having fully adjusted the shoes, Vic asked me to go back out and try the difference now.

After the test, I can honestly say and state, I have never felt the Legend car using all four wheels braking before, not like this.

The whole car was safer, more stabile, great braking performance and it was not relying on just the front of the car to brake, the whole car was level at high speed braking.

The more I drove the car, the more my confidence grew more and more. I now have the ability to brake 3-4 car lengths later and can run along any of the rumble strips no matter how severe they may be and just concentrate on winning.