2019 Round 2 We will out on Sunday 5th may for the 1st rev direction round for 2019 if you would to join us and if you'd like to come try working for team feel free to ask only happy to take anyone on 

2019 Round 1 Round 1 over and looks like all drivers in the championship have found there pace so its going to be very tight and hard 2019 SMRC Legend car Championship 

Burnettmotorsport had 5 cars out with Kiearn Galacher now back and running car 2 it will take kieran ut to anglsea to find his pace he is going to sit back and now enjoy his time back in the championship he 1st started in ,

car 3 Wee Pat is still trying to get his body sorted and has not been out for while due to some broken bones he is just trying to find his pace again and it will come back soon he got some good places after a hard days racing in all sorts of weather ,

then it car 4 Colin Mcneill he was enjoying his time backout in his car he also has been out car for while as himself and Trish have been and are still busy looking after mum and dad as there not feeling so great at mom so its making racing a bit hard ,

then its car 5 Michael Paxton he is now back out for play again after doing lots of exam work but feels he still needs to come out and play and enjoyed the 1st round 

then its car 7 Duncan vincent with New collage Lanarkshire he had a great time kept all the students very busy with large of but ended up happy overall 

2019 starts on the 7th April. Looking for great season if you like join us at burnettmotorsport give me shout and if you'd like to be part of the team happy to chat with you 

2018 season finished was hard season   It was hard 2018 but it is now gone lets look forward to2019 testing will be on the 17th March at Knockhill if you'd like to join burnettmotorsport then give me call or e mailmen if its just to chat or if you'd like to spanner or just come and se what happens on race weekend then i am always free to chat  round 1 of SMRC championship will be on Sunday 6th April with testing on the 5th


The race season for 2019 will be on us soon if you would like to come test get in touch with me steve@burnettmotorsport.com






To come join the team for lunch on sunday and to meet the drivers to help them out a bit if you read this i would like some help from anyone out there so if you bring yourself your kids to burnettmotorsport team camp at knockhill and youd like to se your name on cars any car you pick then come done pick a hand sign it and lets get it on your fav car put a pound or more in the box to help the kids get a bit more in there life

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