The 2018 season is all over 

Been a hard going season with so much going on after we took a fair of chassis damage at anglsea on pats car we found it much harder to get car back on the pace and then does pat not take major damage to his body by coming of his mountain bike at 30 mile hour putting him out of contention for the championship and with ivor all was not so great so it turned out a hard season for ivor with a few knocks and eng letting go was good year but not great year for wining i will carry on with this latter on Michael had great year till last race of the season ,and colin had few ups and downs and not such great news about his farther in law and himself and Trish Are doing lots for her mum dad we just hope it all gets better soon  

ROUND 9 OCT 7TH SMRC Championships the last rounds of the championships should be a busy day and if you would like to join us just ask Pat Car #1 has had to stay out of his car since fractured shoulder coming of his mountain bike but hope to see Michael #5 Colin #4 Duncan #7 with new collage Lanarkshire ivor over from ireland #37 pos Colm#44 Peter the plumer Robert from ireland and new driver Rikki so its going to be busy weekend all the championships will be won on the day 


ROUND 8 SMRC Championships on the 16th sep at Knockhill this time it will be the hard going rev direction of the twisty hard 1.3 mile of demanding Knockhill if you wish to join us feel free to ask you will get to watch some very demanding racing the legend car championship is going to get down to wire and i am so sure it will go to the last round round and this is exciting run up to the last round 

Round 7 With Super Touring Car Festival And The SMRC Championships so come join us for great day out get in touch with steve


Round 6 Back to knockhill on the 22nd with the SLS Championship along with knockhill The SMRC are joining knockhill with Legend cars on the 22nd if you would like to come join us then just ask

Round 5 Back to knockhill for burnettmotorsport and Round 5 of the SMRC Championships for busy weekend burnettmotorsport are looking for anyone that would like to work on race cars for busy race team

Round 3/4 Burnettmotorsport are of to Anglesey trac mon this weekend for busy time with #1 #4 #5 #7 #37 the team will be busy from Friday

The race season for 2018 will be on us soon if you would like to come test get in touch with me or if you would to come run with us for season i am happy to chat with you in 1 of our cars or if you would like me to run your own car we are happy to do that just get in touch always happy to chat with you anytime





To come join the team for lunch on sunday and to meet the drivers to help them out a bit if you read this i would like some help from anyone out there so if you bring yourself your kids to burnettmotorsport team camp at knockhill and youd like to se your name on cars any car you pick then come done pick a hand sign it and lets get it on your fav car put a pound or more in the box to help the kids get a bit more in there life

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